R&D Metal Works

R&D Metal Works was a family business of whom my father was the owner. In 2006, this website for R&D was my first attempt, without any experience or knowledge how to put a website together or where to start. With the help of my brother, and after many hours of sweat and struggle, I became more and more familiar with the software and the tricks of the trade. I also became more involved in designing company business cards, catalogues, flyers and posters.

I started with basic designs for other businesses which helped me so much to get a better understanding of the corporate world as well as the needs of small businesses. I signed up for a web and graphic design course and completed the basic and advanced course successfully. I absolutely love what I do.

Every website or stationary design is a new challenge and experience.

Unfortunately this website is not available to view on the internet anymore. My father sold the company in 2012 and all records and domains were deleted.